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User Reviews
A Lot Easier Than CPAP
Ian Strachan, Scotland says:
I thought I was taking a bit of a chance buying the SomnoDent device - but after careful measuring by my own dentist in Glasgow, the device arrived and I tried it - fitted easily and I only found it a bit unusual for the first 2 days. I'd tried all types of CPAP for my Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and all had failed for various reasons. Not so with the SomnoDent splint. I got used to it really quickly and it worked from night 1. My wife said she kept wakening up wondering if I was still alive cos I wasn't snoring!!! Now she gets a great sleep and I don't keep wakening up gasping for breath. On the odd time I haven't used it, she tells me the snoring is awful!! The device works and is a lot easier to use than a CPAP, plus you can carry it with you in your pocket - instead of a bag!!

A Big Thank You
Jenny O'Sullivan says:
Just wanted to send you a BIG THANKYOU, have had my splint for 10 snoring free nights!!! From night 1 we have had quiet nights. I am just lost for words.... believe me that doesn't happen very often!!!! Cannot stop telling people how great it is. Thank you again, J.

My Snoring Stopped
Vic Grasty says:
As soon as I started wearing the SomnoDent™ MAS, my wife said my snoring stopped and another sleep test confirmed my apnoea had disappeared. There is no drama wearing the splint at night and I'm not tired at work anymore.

My Life Is Back
Fenna Hogg says:
My life is back, thanks to SomnoMed! Now I experience boundless energy like I had as a teenager before I suffered with sleep apnea. I get up early, go to bed late, have joined a gym at 51 (had never been to a gym before) and feel 100% re-energised...

Much More Comfortable Than CPAP
Peter Skene says:
...since using the SomnoDent™ MAS my snoring has completely stopped. I can say that it is as effective for me as the CPAP was in controlling my snoring and OSA symptoms, but it is much more comfortable and convenient. It's easy to use...

Really Surprised
Geoff Robertson says:
When I was fitted with the MAS it was all so easy. I was really surprised because there were no problems wearing it at all. It's so comfortable I can even talk on the phone when it's in. It's a Godsend!

Improved Quality of Life
Julie Robertson says:
I don't really snore anymore. The mouth guard has improved my quality of life in so far as I no longer worry about being tired during the day and disturbing my husband with my snoring at night.

Best Sleep for Years
Emma Laurie says:
As soon as he got the SomnoMed mouth guard the room was silent straight away and for the first time since we met. We both had the best night's sleep we've had for years and the room was so quiet!

Working Very Well
Donald F. says:
The SomnoDent™ MAS is working very well. No need for any adjustment, and much more comfortable than the previous splint. A real improvement all round.

Great Positive Impact
Carl O'Loughlin says:
I have been wearing my MAS nightly for 20 months and I'd have to say that nothing I have ever tried healthwise, has a had a greater, positive impact on me than this device...

Best Sleep in Years
Dr. Tim Burke says:
...I am having a fantastic result, and I am sleeping better than I have in years; showing decreases in snoring, reflux and ‘naps’ on the interstate. With a paternal family history of premature death due to apnea related chronic disease, this really hits home.

Saved my Life & Marriage
Ken Calvin says:
I am writing to thank you a million times for saving my marriage and my life quite literally. Having been diagnosed with sleep apnea a number of years ago, I, along with my wife, had suffered through countless sleepless nights...

Comfort and Mobility
Tom Hickman says:
I don't recommend CPAP for anybody. Using your product gives you comfort and the mobility to move and turn in bed. I am able to speak and breathe and the comfort of wearing the product is superior to masks, hoses and equipment.

This is Great!
Deborah Ownby says:
This is great! It has taken me, 7 years to find something that would stop my snoring. It not only stopped my snoring, but has also relieved my TMJ. This is the best thing ever!

More Rested
Forrest Brown says:
I've had my device for a few months now and have noticed an improvement from the first day after sleeping with it. In the morning I noticed I felt more rested, I had only felt like that on rare occasions in the past, I didn't know you should feel like that every day...

I Travel a Lot
Rachael Evans says:
I travel a lot with my job and the CPAP was always my carry on plus I would have to make sure I had water to put into the machine. Often the electrical plug would be on a different side of the bed than what I was used to and I had to sleep on the 'wrong' side of the bed...

Quietest Sleep in 20 Years
Dr. Ron G. Dean says:
...The patient called me the next day and told me that "it was the best night of sleep she has had in a long long time". Her husband even woke up twice to make sure she was breathing since the bedroom was the quietest it had been in 20+ years of marriage!...

Extraordinary Outcome
Dr. Bernie W. Miller RRT/RPSGT says:
...One of our patients had a rather extraordinary outcome using the SomnoMed appliance… We had a severe patient that had a surprising response, her AHI went from 32 to 2 per hour using the device.
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